Stop fueling Terrorists Media

Ever wondered how much of free media & PR coverage is being provided to terrorist organization like TTP in Pakistan. How profiles of newly elected leaders of such organizations is being publicized in media. Press releases by the terror organizations are being published proudly.

So in simple words we are giving opportunity to anyone to start a war of terror and we would publicize it, spread fear and make them something to talk about. A very fine line of appreciation of their work, where innocent lose their lives while we make them terror stars.

Ignore them, stop publicizing them, stop making  headlines on them and they will die their own death.

2 thoughts on “Stop fueling Terrorists Media

  1. They won’t die their own death man. Media as you know, is always used to set up the “stage” for whatever the next move is. Plus, this wooly mammoth is not in control either as it used to be in the 90s. They’ve got teeth now :) … so you gotta throw them a bone too :P

    Anyhoo … all this shit is coz our army is going to be moving in for the kill within a month or so. And I say we should neutralize the trouble makers in Afghanistan too coz Molvi Radio is operating out of AFG and issuing orders to kill people over here in Pakistan.

    1. Well Media does not take sides either, first they will pose them as Terrorists and when an operation is conducted they would show the suffering caused by the Military action. The worst gift given to any Nation is the complete Free Press :/

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