ROZEE.PK’s invited me to the job fair!

As mentioned previously, Rozee the job portal of Pakistan is holding its 4th job fair which is invite only bases, though i didnt apply for any job on but some how the nice people at Rozee send me an invite of the job fair, so yes probably i would drop by now:

ROZEE.PK’s invited me to the job fair!

Things rozee mentioned me to do :

  • Print the invitations and bring it along hmmm tough one i dont have a printer
  • Dress formally .on SUNDAY get a life people i prefer my summer shorts wont it be fun : ) .. 
  • bring 10 coppies of my cv ….. comon i dont have a printer its a digital world i can email 100’s of them

Things i have to do

  • Convince some of my lazy friends to acompany me there on SUNDAY chances 99.9% a 4ka from friends ..
  • Probably try to find out which of my good friend have a printer i can use
  • Damit i just realized its on March 2nd i.e. comming sunday

3 thoughts on “ROZEE.PK’s invited me to the job fair!

  1. seems like ur major problem is printer.. its 08′ brother, u might have a USB, get a print from any cafe, spend atleast Rs.5 yaar !!

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