Stop fueling Terrorists Media

Ever wondered how much of free media & PR coverage is being provided to terrorist organization like TTP in Pakistan. How profiles of newly elected leaders of such organizations is being publicized in media. Press releases by the terror organizations are being published proudly.

So in simple words we are giving opportunity to anyone to start a war of terror and we would publicize it, spread fear and make them something to talk about. A very fine line of appreciation of their work, where innocent lose their lives while we make them terror stars.

Ignore them, stop publicizing them, stop making  headlines on them and they will die their own death.

Three Days of Shame – Rawalpindi Riots on Ashura

For two straight days our Media channels were flooded with news of riots within Pakistan. We showed to the world what kind of Crazy we were. We  burned down our homes and our cities on the bases of a conflict founded on words. We have a history of doing it again and again, sometime in the name of Prophet(PBUH) and this time a Shia & Sunni conflict.

So what really happened? There are numerous stories of conflict to sum up  two sects of Islam fought over words, took up weapons, killed each other, burned each others religious places and business centers while forgetting one fundamental concept that they believe in the same Religion and did this for the same God they pray to 5 times a day.

Politicians & Religious scholars weren’t that impressive either, it was an open house with opportunity to blame the Govt for mismanagement, get political gain and sympathy and add fuel to the fire. A showdown of street power.

If some scholar was honest with his responsibility “three days of Shame” should have been declared on this incident both by Shia & Sunni Scholars together. Unfortunately such a thought is to western and we are too stubborn for it.

Even the Govt. had an open option to push the ‘Hate Speech’ law and enforce it with punishment this was a great opportunity for that to.

But we are what we are, always resist change, never learn and never improve for the greater good.